Staining & Painting


About Our Staining Service

Youth Empowered Home & Property Detailing uses high-quality long-lasting stains and paints to preserve and protect your fence/deck. Using quality brushes, Kirill's and Luke's experience and attention to detail leave your wood happy and healthy.


On fences and decks, we recommend our clients to use water, oil, or hybrid-based stains and stay away from the paint.


The reason is that stain gives your deck/fence that natural look, enhancing the beauty of its texture, as the stain soaks into the wood.

What happens if you leave your deck/fence unfinished?

Over time, the moisture from Vancouver's rainy weather soaks into the wood, gradually rotting the wood and destroying your fence. 

Our Staining Promise

Simple & Easy.

Your home and/or property will be given a fresh, hassle-free new look on your schedule.


Affordable and fairly priced services for common home and property upkeep tasks. 

Quality & Honesty.

Our core values are about quality, integrity, and always keeping our promises.


100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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